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Hi! I've been involved with computers, first as a hobby and then a career for 35 years. Now that I am retired, computers are again a hobby and more fun than ever. Perhaps my greatest accomplishment in the field was meeting my wife Rachel along with her dog Gaucho on the Internet. Gaucho and Latke, our companion for 11 years, now wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Nowadays, Zoey provides the entertainment and lots of hair on the floor. Amateur Radio, Aviation, woodworking and movies are my other interests. Thanks for stopping by!

About These Pages

In 1991, as a civilian employee of the Army, I was deployed to Saudi Arabia in support of Desert Storm. Mike's Gulf war Diary is the account of my time in country and the profound effect the experience had on my life.

I produced an on-line museum of my father's World War II memorabilia as a way of coping with my father's passing in 1999. The display of the WWII Memorabilia of Philip Sturm began as a tribute to dad and all WWII veterans. It has become the source of great personal joy because it became a magnet for folks researching Biak, the Army Airways Communication Service, Campbell AAF and the scenes of Manila I posted. My sincerest thanks to all the people who have contacted me and shared your stories. Your letters and your friendship are cherished.

With the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack I began a series of blogs on each of the major American battles of the Pacific War. You can read them here.

In May, 2013, I toured the World War II Battlefields of Southern Italy and followed the route of the Last Battle of PVT Sidney I. Heistein a cousin, a Martyr, who was killed in action during that conflict.

I invited visitors in 2001 to join me on a Flight Around New York in response to the heinous 9/11 attack on my beloved city. Please forgive the occasional editorializing, even in 2005 when I revised the site, the bitterness over 9/11 and the way we responded to it is still present.

Are we Mishpocha? I occasionally dabble in genealogy and have put my family trees on line for other relatives to research.

Rachel and I honeymooned on an Alaska cruise in 2000. Enjoy a few scenic stills from my videos.

Each year, Rachel and I spend a week in Mystic, CT to refresh ourselves. That's where we learned that, "Quaint is Good".